Ninja Warz

Check out this awesome game I play! Click the image to play. I just started playing today and I already like it! and the best part is that its in Beta.

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12 Responses

  1. did you click the invite i sent you? i was trying to tell you about the game im now level 18:) i hope you will understand

  2. how do you play this game

  3. No, I saw it on aslen’s twitter. I don’t check my previous email. Sorry.

  4. Keep fighting!

  5. okay! im going to try to level up…
    goto! and follow me at

  6. I just win a fight and it stops! i Can’t do anything! help!

  7. If you wait a while on the menu screen, birds and cloud will fly by. Click the clouds to make them disappear, and click the birds to make them poop. Also, occasionally a gold cloud will pass by. Click it and you get a good amount of gold.

  8. where can i deposit my money in this game

  9. woo is da person woo lv in cebu???????????????

  10. you can make birds poop if you click on them while theyre

  11. guys how do i deposit gold in this game, please answer soon

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