(ALLREADY GOT SCAMMED BY: kingbobzy) Anyways, I contacted Cp, his penguin’s gonna get banned.

I currently need wordpresss credits to make this website better. I need you guys help. Please donate some wordpress credits.

As a reward I am willing to

  • Make you Administrator,
  • Give you 2 coin codes,
  • If you have a website I’ll make a banner and post it on top,
  • Make a youtube video with you & add you to my buddy list.

Contact me at and I will help you how to do it. It cost like about 20$ but I really need this credits to make this website, please contact me or comment here & I’ll send you the E-mail.

11 Responses

  1. i might be abble to… hey don’t they give you wordpress credits when you sign up?

  2. Hey! Could you make it to my 50 000 hits party? It’s today!
    Place: Dock
    Server: Fjord
    Time: 2:30 PST


    -President of the Fastjordans Club Penguin Cheats Team Inc.


  4. oh…

  5. hey cranicar whats up?

  6. u got scammed?

  7. i said i will pay it for u and do what ever u want for u ok

  8. crancair i will help you ok and pay you 20$ for it ok so what u need tell meh

  9. I have sent a proposal to:

  10. Look, Cranicar, if you want me to get you the domain, I can. 🙂

    Just discuss it with me through email.

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