Club Penguin Ninja Journey & Elements

Okay, at the Dojo Hideout, there is this hole that we are digging.

Underground Hideout

The hole might lead to an Underground Hideout! If you go to the news paper to the Events section you will see a clue two ninjas looking out for something (CP Always Gives Clues) They look like they are hiding.Hideout

In same picture says you need to help Sensei gather and prepare to take the fire path.


What do you think of that message?^^ The path might be the volcano leading him to an underground hideout.

And also it was very simple of them to give us the biggest clue ever, it’s the Fire Black Puffles. They are fire so it must be a clue.

Fire Puffles

Also, out side at Dojo Courtyard shows a volcano behind the Ninja Hideout and the volcano represents Fire. Next to it shows a Water Fall which is the symbol of water. But wait, can you see the mountains? they are mostly made of Snow, there for it’s the Snow Element,


This is really interesting. I am sure there are more clues I haven’t figured out yet.

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