Pandanda Cheats

Hello Guys, I play this game Pandanda. I found out. I am a beta tester, I am thinking of giving cheats. Anyways, my username is Lion & Creator. My account Pandanda got hacked so I made another one like 4 months after. Take a look at Lion


Anyways, you can usually find me at Cedar. I will be giving out news once in a while…

4 Responses

  1. oh wow what about me and you know aslen?(just asking)

  2. dude go on chat

  3. Pandanda is awesome! I hope you post about it.

  4. Pandanda is wicked!! I really love that vw game much more than cp actually xP


    P.S. You can check out Pandanda Gang if you want more info about PD and maybe that would persuade you about making a blog too. ;P

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