Sept- Oct Club Penguin Furniture Catalog Cheats

Club Penguin Furniture, New Hot Catalog Cheats!


How To get the Piano, Follow Steps

  1. Go to second page of the “Better Igloos Sept- Oct Furniture Catalog”
  2. Navigate to page two
  3. Just click the Ticket Booth & Buy the piano

Ticket To Piano

How To get the Bowling Alley Follow the Steps

  1. Navigate to page three
  2. Click on the top left glass of the window
  3. A popup will show up showings the Bowling Alley

Bowling Alley

How To get the Fridge, Follow the steps

  1. Navigate to page three 
  2. Click one of the Electric Stove’s buttons


How To get the Band Stage, Follow Steps

  1. Navigate to page four
  2. Click on the Gramophone 
  3. You can now buy the Band Stage

Band Stage

How To get the Wall Speakers, Follow the Steps

  1. The Wall Speakers are in the same page
  2. Click the DJ Tables’ Disks
  3. You can now buy the Wall Speakers

Wall Speakers

How To get the Bowling Pin, Follow the Steps

  1. Navigate to page five
  2. Click on the two red light on the Construction Barrier

Bowling Pin

How To get the Guitar Stand, Follow the Steps

  1. Go to the last page
  2. Click on the Stone Column Ruins

Guitar Stand

How To get the LCD Television, Follow the Steps

  1. Go to same last page
  2. Click the flames of the Bamboo Torch

LCD Television

13 Responses

  1. Nice cheats!!

  2. WTF! Why is there Club Penguin posts? Where’s all the AQ World action? 😦

  3. yo yo yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. this doesint help at all:(

  5. what the heck!!?? why isnt there a red carpet??


  6. cause cp rules lol hey u on chat?

  7. cool site!

  8. i no these who wants aq worlds cheats im a m ember in both

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  10. rofl i found all those cheats my self

  11. So did I! 😀

  12. iwant to know if theres any cheats on the new furniture catolag.

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