Club Penguin Sensei Tracker

Lets all try to find Sensei. Okay? If you have seen him. Just comment on this post.

Sensei Tracker

Last Seen: Freezer

How Long Ago? about 20 minutes

By: cpruler32

9 Responses

  1. wheres the tracker?

  2. i saw him on sleet bout 10 minutes ago


  4. Hiyas Lordoc. whats ur CP name?

  5. every time someone says they’ve seen him he’s never there
    can somebody please help me

  6. We are trying our best to find him, Go to he finds it allot…

  7. Hey y’all!I’m on club penguin too!!!Im Gizzzmo2!!!

  8. this dawming tracker is always at freezer not working man

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