Ahoy Me Hearties!

Saturday Be Talk Like A Pirate Day!
All hands on deck! Get thee urchins out of yer ears and lissen up! This Saturday be national Talk Like A Pirate Day!

What does this mean, you ask? It is exactly what the title suggests… you get to spend a whole day acting like a pirate!

Well… more like a whole weekend.


In AQWorlds this week, we arrrrrr going to release a motherload of Pirate-Inspired items! Aye, that we be! Brand-new items will be washing ashore, ranging from Skeletal Parrots to Barnacled Armor and Pirate Hats aplenty! 

Yes sirree, Quibble Coinbiter the Traveling Sales Moglin is coming to Battleon this weekend and dragging his treasure chest behind him! You know he’s ganna have some awesome loot to commemorate TLAPD! 

We arrrrr even releasing a Pirate Ship themed AC house for all the Salty Dawgs and Scallywags out there! Fill your vessel with an assortment of nautical nonsense and invite your savvy crew over for a celebration! Just make sure everyone’s got their sea legs and try not to go overboard!

Shiver Me Timbers!
Trouble over thee Horizon!

Avast me maties and hold fast! There appears to be trouble a’brewing over yonder! Hoist thee anchors! Raise thee flag! Get ye ship crew and prepare fer battle! Arrrrrrgh!


Check the Events Page (Link Is on it’s way, YARRR!) in a wee bit fer more details regardin’ the savvy pirates’ life!

4 Responses

  1. can i have a free members account

  2. i really want a member

  3. Walk the plank – To be forced to walk the length of a plank that has been placed over the side of a ship. The outcome is not promising.

  4. Talk like a Pirate!

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