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AQWorld’s 1st Birthday
That is right, AQWorld’s is throwing a huge birthday party on 10/10 and you are invited as a guest of honor. We need to do something incredible! Any ideas? Please post suggestions on the forums and let us know! Also, Mogloween is quickly approaching.
Official Forum Thread

Talk like a Pirate Day
<Puts on eye patch> Arrrrrrrr! Shiver me timbers. This Saturrrday be talk like a pirate day. All ye lilly livered land lubbers be wary. Dead men tell no tales, but Quibble the never-before-seen used rare item dealer does! He has some news about the 4th Lord of Chaos and a treasure chest full of pre-release pirate themed goodness.

Yokai Isle
There is an Island in the sea to the east of Swordhaven. For as long as I can remember it was forbidden to travel there. A land with legends, customs and monsters I have never heard of before. All of that is about to change…. starting Friday.

Behind the scenes: This is will be the beginning to a beautiful new storyline based on my recent real life adventure to Japan. Apologies in advance for all of the anime/manga spoofs in part 1. It will be a nice transition from the famliar to the unknown!

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