Club Penguin Sensei Scavenger Hunt Cheats

To find out where the items are located just watch the video! They are in order so you wont have to get confused…

  1. Ski Village> Lodge Attic item1
  2. Town> Coffee Shop> Book Room item2
  3. The Plaza> Pet Shop item3
  4. Mine Shark> Mine item4
  5. The Plaza> Pizza Parlor item5
  6. The Beach> Light House> Beaconitem7
  7. Dojo Courtyard items8


Fire Pin

The Pin

16 Responses

  1. lol nice vid and u never told me u play aq worlds

  2. oh and can i join your blog

  3. Oh yeah, I tried to but I d didn’t find you. Sorry…

  4. where are u?

  5. go to chat

  6. dude lets chat im bored

  7. hey visit my blog at my fun .com if you dont your in big troble

  8. Hey there friends!! The tips really help! Thx!!!!! LOL

  9. it really helped me its just that i think you missed out on one in the cove where the fire is.

  10. Cool. This helped(:

  11. Oh yeahh, u did miss the one in the cove, but it’s okay, the rest was helpful. Thaaaaaaaanks! 😀

  12. it does not say the last one

  13. i cant find the stick

  14. thanks i like the prize

  15. Where do you find sensei?

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