Club Penguin Cheats

Okay Guys. I will be giving Club Penguin Cheats on this blog. Why? Because I wanna blog for two games for now on. So please be checking Lordoc’s Online Games Guide witch is here! Hum yeah, so  hope you join and we will be meeting there for parties! my favorite server is called “FREEZER” because freezer is cool just like me…

17 Responses

  1. awesome!! can i work on your site? my email is

  2. wb to club penguin:D

  3. Thanks, I am happy to be back…

  4. can i help?? ps. im dark warrior31 my penguin name is gtosks

  5. Nah it’s cool. I got it…

  6. can i help?

  7. No thanks dude. I wanna do my blog by my own. If I need help, I’ll make a post…

  8. I like the fact that you want to do your own blog. It’s your creation and it reflects who you are…

    one of the bloggers in the KBS told me about your blog and said we should invite you to join our club. We just started and we’re called the Kid Blogger Society. were only inviting the best bloggers. Check this out: and tell me what you think. There arent that many posts yet but we’re new. if you want to join with us email and i’ll send you the stuff to join. We’re gonna have meetings and parties with kid bloggers from all different games. Tell me if you think we should invite anyone else too.

  9. so what are the cheats

  10. lordoc pls add me my email is pls add me we need to talk for something pls pls pls

  11. can i work on your site my email is

  12. u rule

  13. well i cant find the cheats but your so awsome you seem like a cool guy

  14. what is the point in having this website?
    do you even have a club penguin?
    please awnser me if you do have a club penguin can you be my friend and help me around the place.

  15. hey how did you get all this stuff n ur site

  16. elo
    clubpenguin is alryt
    can sum1 help me find the fire things plz

  17. hey all you guys this has nothing to do with this plz post but im having a party its on thusday at 12 pst or in uk 8pm or in us 8am server iceberg room ice bereg all come plz and can you all come it wold be gret if you could

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