Zorbak goes to Con Photos

… well, it is more of a video really!
The official Zorbak goes to Con site has been updated. I made a video slide show for you showing off some of Zorbak’s favorite…. and, erm… not so favorite photos. Check back later as I am posting my full review of DragonCon 2009 later today!


See more photos at Zorbak goes to Con website

This week in AdventureQuest Worlds
It was not long ago two meteors were on a collision course with our town of Battleon. In a historic event, the combined magic of every mage in our world teleported the entire town to the safety of GreenGuard forest! But… did anyone look UNDER our landing spot? What dangers, dungeons and creatures did we land our town on top of!? Find out this Friday…. secret passages will be opening around town! (Rumor has it there is a secret underground lab somewhere down there too.)

Meanwhile, as we approach the 1st Birthday of AdventureQuest Worlds (MOGLOWEEN!!!), we are working rapidly on Stats and PvP that will take us version 1.0! We will need your help testing on the soon to open “Public Test Server”. Shhhh *whispers* and an inside secret just between us… The next brand new area is in the far, far, far east. Inspired by my recent real-life adventure, it will be a Japanese themed zone. Overflowing with Yokai, Ninja, Samurai, super cute NPCs, a beautiful story based on real legends, and tons of references to your favorite anime and manga series (Maybe even a few you have not heard of yet) it will be the craziest zone we have ever made. Oh, if the rumors of the next Chaos Lord are true, *gulps*, then we are all going to need to get a lot stronger just to face his minions!

Forum Question: What is your favorite Anime/Manga series? Do you like Naruto? One Piece? Death Note? Dragon Ball? The Melencholy of Haruhi Suzimia? Inuyasha? Gundam? K-On? Kitaro? Yakitate!! Japan? See you on the forums.

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