Back from DragonCon!

With over 12 gigabytes of photos and video
WOW! We just got back from the very inspiring DragonCon 2009 convention. We ran an official AQWorlds panel which was awesome! We were very honored that the room was packed with incredible players. A few of them traveled unbelievable distances to come be with us. Thank you! Some amazing players even came dressed as their favorite AE characters!

Words cannot describe how the team felt we when saw this…

If you could not be there do not worry! We showed ALL of the screenies submission in a slideshow during our panel (you got some laughs and cheers!) ALSO…….. oh yes, Zorbak ran around and got his picture taken with people in costume at the 45,000 person convention. New theme this year… it will be called “Zorbak goes to dies at Con” — because everyone was trying to eat him, disintigrate him, blow him up, or decapitate him with lightsabers! We have.. oh.. just… um.. a few thousand photos to sort through and we will post the best for you ASAP!

Hey Escherion… is that a Frog in your voice?

This post was just a teaser…. I am going to do a full write up of the craziness that Cysero, Safiria, Galanoth, the rest of the team and myself got ourselves into at DragonCon along with bonus stories like the impromtu Twitter contest! Meanwhile, here at the lab we just realized it is Tuesdsay!!!!!!!! What do you want for a release this week?

P.S. It is good to be home, WE MISSED YOU!

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