Update Caught Up From 04/09/09

Okay Guys, there is this new update that occurred two days ago. It added reputation to Evil & Good. Evil ppl will get different Reputaion as well as Good ppl. Anyways, there are some costumes that where added to the Shops of Goood & Evil… Take a look at them.


MonzaPlatinum KnightRoyal Alchemist


Shadow ShinobiShadow LichShadow Weaver

Also now you can change from Evil to Good or Good to Evil for buying a contract worth 100,000 for every time you switch.  So If you change you can Apply for the Rep.

Lastly I wanna show you what Vath the 3rd Lord Of Chaos Drops:

The Items He Drops
Vath’s Chaotic Dragonlord Armor
Cloak of Vath
Chaotic Dragon Lance
Legendary Sword of Dragon Control
Shatered Legendary Sword of Dragon Control
Vath’s Hair
Chaos Dragonlord Helm
Chaos Dragonlord Mace
Chaos Dragonlord Axe

Credits *DragonLord*

4 Responses

  1. Hey Lordoc. I don’t know about adding you to my blog… Can you just give me the link to the header or something, and I’ll add it. I’ll also give you credit? Deal or No Deal? lol xD

  2. awesome you can visit my charactor page to see the chaos dragonlord axe

  3. Yeahm ok…

  4. whats up lordoc thanks for the armor and suff now i at them that all not member

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