AQWorlds Account Lordoc Disable Again!!!

Update: Guys I am not quitting, I have decided to post with King Lordoc or just the picture of the cheat. I wont quit, I can’t just quit when I’ve worked so hard. & My friends feel bad that I am even thinking of quitting & I can’t let you guys down.

What the hell is wrong with AQWorlds! The first time was just fine but this one is just playing dumb. They Disable my account for good!!! I don’t know what I am gonna do now! 😦 This problem was on the forum not AQWORLDS!

20 Responses

  1. How could this happen AGAIN?!?!? Did AE find out that you have a cheat blog or something?!?!

  2. I don’t think so, I think it was because I advertised on the Forum…

  3. Oh…well why should they punish you like this?!?! They should of just gave you a warning or something.

  4. I don’t know what to do guys. I think I might actually quit AQWorlds or continue posting with King Lordoc..

  5. you cant leave lordoc and i know they dont know you have a website. And they cant just ann you for advertising once on the forum because they have to at east give you a warning but for sure they cant bann lordoc on the game only the forum so either someone is hacking this thing our one of the AE staff hates your guts a lot!

  6. You are right Buddy…

  7. Thanks Aslen…

  8. I am sorry Aslen. MY ACCOUNT IS DISABLE! 😦 I am the saddest kid in the world

  9. If it’s gone for good you wasted alot of money for the membership! Oh and lordoc i feel the same too. Someone hacked and banned my most rare account in CP and i had a membership on it only for 1 month! Oh and the ban was FOREVER! But that was when i was really popular in CP. Good luck on trying to get lordoc back.

  10. You know what email artix like search everywhere and try to find artix’s email and email him because he is not doing this someone elso is becayse when he is gone you always get banned so he’s not doin it someone else is!

  11. You might be right…

  12. Wow looks like you have someone thats a founder who really doesn’t like you…

  13. maybe founder

  14. Yeah…Either someone hates lordoc or someone reported him

  15. If u go on aqworls add me as a friend on safria mu username should be XxlazerkingXx

  16. that happen to me to my account got locked forevery i was very sad

  17. thanks for all your help i wouldnt of gotten this far with out you and i am so sorry for what they did to you xD

  18. same i wasted 2 memberships and my account got disabled for no reason!

  19. and i lost my email cuase it was hacked into and i live in australia so i have no way to contack artix entertainment

  20. u guys r pussys aqworlds is the best even tough i got hacked and they got it disabled but i had 2 ohter account so lordoc u pussy make anoughter account from naruto man1 and aurun12 the fucking beast

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