Lol, Why did I get Banned On Forum?

Alright I was on the Forum of Artix right. Than it suddenly logged me out than I couldnt log in back, But than I clicked log in and it said I got banned! I think it was because I advertised my site on a post… I took a picture of the Pop Up…


Note: Also if you are willing to Donate 15 Credits for this wordpress blog I would be glad to advertise your website on this secret image that gets lots of clicks more than 50 clicks a day! thats like 350 views a week… I can really change your blog…

6 Responses

  1. clik my name, and visit my site

  2. clik my name, and vist my site.

  3. I am very sorry that you got banned on the AE forum

  4. It’s cool man, no diggy I have a secret Account I can log in to and see whats new. I mostly only read, but than i started posting today, but I am going to steak to reading…

  5. well make that almost 1,000 veiws a day i visited everyday(exept past 2 days)and it showed me that al least 700 veiws a day well the story of my absence is cause i went to six flags it took me 2 hours of driving to get there well it was worth it you should not try skull mountain! its scary well it went extremely fast and it was my first roller coaster ride ever!

  6. when i try to log on to my account is says its currently disbaled how do i fix that

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