Let The Rep Farming BEGIN!
Hi guys!

Cysero coming at you LIVE from our 46th floor hotel room, thanks to Zhoom for letting me borrow his laptop to update the Design Notes.

The Good and Evil reputationshops are now open! In these shops you will find a NUMBER of new items which you unlock by increasing your reputation with either the forces of Good led by King Alteon in Swordhaven, or the forces of Evil, led by Gavelyn in Shadowfall.

You will find a LOT of member-only items in these shops but there are also a fair number of non-member items, such as the Platimun Knight armor in King Alteon’s good rep shop , and the long awated Shadow Lich armor in Gravelyn’s evil rep shop. And every single item in both shops can be bought with gold!

In addition to all of this reppy goodness, the final boss fight with Vath and Stalagbite is fianlly open to non-members. This conculdes the Dwarfhold Quest chain, as another of Drakath’s Lords of Chaos falls to the heroes of Lore… and another Chaos Beast is awakened.

DragonCon stuff!
We’re all VERY happy to be back at Dragoncon and we’ve already met a few AQW players. Last night I heard from behind me …”Cysero?”. It was Sununbrella, one of the Cysero’s Defenders! She flew ALL THE WAY FROM NEW ZEALAND TO MEET US! (THAT is the kind of superfan who earns her Sock Dragon and a lot more!) We got to hang out with her all night, she went with us to the Voltaire show and we had the honor of hanging out with this amazing player AND Voltaire after the show where we got to see his NEWEST Deady the Teddy toy based on art from AQW! What a great night!

Today I ran into 4 more players all wearing their Save Chuckles T-shirts! If you want to you can keep track of our adventures throught the con as Artix, Rolith and I have a non-stop streams of tweets coming from our phones. Artix is even running some Twitter mini-contests. You can find us on Twitter as @Cysero, @Rolith and @Artixkrieger!

Enjoy the VERY early release guys and see you when we get back!

2 Responses

  1. cool i wish my comp was faster:(

  2. that is awsume i would like to meett them 2 but sadly i moved to poland :(. i miss dragoncon and stuff.

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