Cysero’s Guide To Surviving DragonCon!


Everything You Never Needed To Know About What To Have With You At All Times During A Convention.
This will be Beleen’s first time at DragonCon and she’s not alone.

I have decided to give you con-noobies some helpful hints about what to bring to make sure that you come out of your con experience more or less in one piece:



  1. A Large Bag. You’re going to to be carrying a LOT of stuff around with you and picking up a lot of stuff as you con so a large bag is necessary.
  2. A Towel. Your hotel room will probably come equipped with these but I always preffer to bring a large, beach-sized towel with me wherever I go. Hitchikers listed most of the uses, but for a more practical example: I have fallen asleep in the hallways of more than one convention hotel and it’s always nice to have a towel for a blanket or pillow. 
    Note: Cysero also wore a white bathrobe to our last panel – use your best judgement with all advice.
  3. Energy Bars. Meals come unpredictably during con and staying alive can be hard. You never know when you’ll be stuck at a table-top gaming session that lasts 14 hours straight… and if you leave the brutal GM will just kill you.
  4. Bottle Of Water. See above.
  5. Cash (Well Hidden). As you explore the convention you WILL encounter some stuff you NEED to own. Swords, pithy shirts, novels, Lou Ferigno selling autographs… and there is a 50% chance that the thing you want to buy, you can’t buy with plastic.. If you plan on falling asleep in a hall somewhere, be sure that your cash is in your sock or in the secret pocket in your boxers… you don’t want to wake up broke.
  6. A Mobile Computing Device. Most modern cell phones will do, but you might not get a signal in the underground mazes that connect the convention hotels. Having a wireless card in a small laptop is priceless. Hopefully a smartphone attached to a 3G network will do (con-testing my iPhone this year). You might or might not Tweet. You might or might not need to check your facebook but your FRIENDS will NEED to contact you about something that you HAVE TO SEE RIGHT NOW!
  7. A Friend. The buddy system is always a good idea. That’s why I bring Alces. He’s part Dr. Gonzo, part Chief Medical Officer and part Tech Support. He is all best friend and has been for more than half of my life.
  8. A Camera. Fully charged. Memory card empty. NEEDS a flash. Your cell won’t do for this. Too many dark corners with Halo Spartans hiding in them.
  9. A Zorbak Plushy. It’s the ultimate ice-breaker. “Can I get a picture of you holding this guy, please?” “Sure… what is he?”
  10. Good Walking Shoes. Trust me.


That should be, more or less, everything that you need to pack. Other options include: clean clothes, costumes, things you want autographed, video camera, portable game systems (some lines are long), a map of the con (some of us like getting lost), a pair of scissors (for a lock of Kevin Sorbo’s hair while he’s passed out in a fountain somewhere), a sketchbook (for ideas), a steampunk R2 unit… just cause.

Here’s a little sneak peek at a few of the armors from the Good and Evil rep shops being released early Friday.


We’ve also got 10 good weapons and 10 evil weapons, good and evil helms, good and evil back items, 1 good pet and one evil pet!

Gravelyn and King Alteon will each have FIVE new quests for grinding rep. The first three will be open at Rank 1 and the last two will unlock when you hit Rank 4 Rep with your faction.

One of the Rank 4 Rep quests, will be a member only Daily quest that will get you 4000 REPUTATION per day!

Non-members? Are you prepared for Vath?

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