AQW News!

Hello everyone, Vicxyz here, with AQW News(this is the non-member version so I am sorry if you’re a member)! Today, AQW released the Rock Roc minigame, and you can battle the Roc! There are also new cutscenes, and Dwarf Versus Drow War is coming to an end! Here are some pictures of the release! First, The Daily Dragon!




Also, a new bank has has been released for AC only items. This is exciting for people that have many AC items, but me as an AQW Toolbar user, isn’t all that useful, as the only AC item that I have is the Courtly Cape which is party of my main outfit :?. Here is a picture of it:


Now that the minigame/battle against the Rock Roc has been released to non-members, I have pictures! Here they are:


Here is a picture of the minigame. My advice to beat it is to use it’s flames (hold left mouse button for like half a second) and eat the Drows when the Roc goes away.


Coming next week is the battle against Vath and Stalagbite! Also, new Good and Evil reputation shops and quests are coming out! For more information go to the Design Notes here. That’s it for this week’s AQW News! This is Vicxyz signing off!

Cya Around


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  1. “””ATENÇÃO”””
    Seja membro do AQW por 1 ano por apenas 0.01 e ainda não pagando nada por isso!!!
    Veja como:

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