Fight With Your Head First. No. Don’t Headbutt Him… Nevermind.
Vath is ready for you… or so he thinks.


Or maybe he’s right.

This boss fight is unlike anything you’ve seen in AQ Worlds before. it requires a STRATEGY… I don’t want to give away too much, but I will tell you this: If you find yourself getting stomped to death by Stalagbite for 3600 damage, UR DOIN IT WRONG!

With quick wits, good old-fashioned trial and error and a pinch of luck… you’ll be able to figure it out. Don’t give up! The dwarves are counting on you.

If you defeat Vath the dwarves will be waiting for you in Tavern. Speak to Snowbeard and you will be able to replay every single amazing cutscene from the entire Dwarfhold Quest Chain!

Vath is a Pinata. Hit him enough and candy will fall out. He will drop:

  1. Chaos Dragonlord Armor
  2. Legendary Sword of Dragon Control
  3. Shattered Legendary Sword of Dragon Control
  4. Cloak of Vath (Yeah, it’s Color Customizable)
  5. Chaos Dragonlord Helm
  6. Chaos Dragonlord Axe
  7. Chaos Dragonlord Mace
  8. Chaotic Dragon Lance
  9. Vath’s Hair

And Stalagbite drops a mini version of himself. The Stalagbite Pet.

Then, we’ve got the new additions to the Player Suggestion Shop, in Yulgar’s Inn. (Just talk to Yulgar)

  1. AQW Player Dage666’s Undead Warrior Armor
  2. AQW Player Dage666’s Undead Warrior Armet (Helm)
  3. AQW Player Titanio’s Sword
  4. AQW Player Rohan’s Hashashin Armor
  5. AQW Player Rohan’s Armored Hashashin Armor
  6. AQW Player Lavitz’s Viking Armor

And lastly I am proud to announce that the BANK IS NOW FREE FOR ANY AC ITEM! Starting today, you can drop any AdventureCoin item into your bank for FREE, and it will hold an INFINITE number of AC items. If ytou want to use the bank for normal Items you still need to pay the initial 200 AC fee for your first 20 normal inventory spaces, AC items will slip right past that. If you want you can JUST use the bank to store your AC items and never pay a single AC for space.

This Bank upgrade is for ALL players, member and non-member alike.

To access your Bank, just talk to Valencia in Battleon, click the BANK button and just start moving Adventure Coin items into storage!

You will now see 2 tabs in your bank…


One is for your normal items and the other is for your AC items!

Vath showdown for members, Last week’s Rock Roc fight and minigame released for non-members, New cutscenes with music and sound effects, a HUGE number of items dropping fron Vath (some member and some non-member), A Stalagbite Pet, A number of new additions to the Suggestion Shop (Some AC, some member and some non-member), and the FREE AC BANK upgrade this is by far the largest update that AQW has EVER SEEN!

Have fun with Vath and Stalagbite, guys. Good luck. You’re going to need it.

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