Hey UK and CANADA!

Got some good news for ya.
Starting in October, you will be able to buy our Artix Entertainment Upgrade Cards in both the UK and Canada!

I don’t have a list of the stores yet but as soon as I do i’ll post them here for ya.

Let’s see, what else…? Oh, I can show you the Chaos Evolved Dragonlord Armor.


Vath WILL drop this, it WILL be for members only (so will both swords shown) and it WILL go live this week during the member preview of the battle aginst Chaos Dragonlord Vath!

No, you can’t have Beleen’s chinchilla pet. (correction: she said you CAN but she’s only selling it for 1 day on her birthday, Dec 14th)

No, you can’t be a mod.

No, that’s not cheese in the background, it’s lava. Dragon + Rocks =/= cheese.

Check out the AQW General Discussion Forums for a list of what ELSE Vath and Stalagbite will drop for members and non-members!

Artix is back in the lab and he says HI to everyone *Artix: /wave*. I’m sure he’ll want his design notes back pretty soon.

He also says that Ballyhoo in the originial AQ is feeling neglected. Could you go show her some love? She’s still giving away Z-tokens and she will keep giving them away, but she needs people to watch her ads so advertisers will keep paying for those Z-tokens for her to give away.

It’s a viscious cycle of free stuff.

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