AQW News, Vicxyz Style!

Hello everyone! Vicxyz here, with AQW News! *applause* Yes, thank you, thank you :lol:. Not long ago, I posted here because Lordoc’s computer wasn’t working with WordPress. But, now I’m back, because Lordoc is on vacation. I might post next weeks news, but Lordoc might be back by then. Now, let’s stop grumbling around about greetings and such, and get on to the news. Here, is The Daily Dragon.



The main thing is that the Rock Roc hatches, and you steal Vath’s Chaotic Dragon. Speaking for Chaotic things, I think the Choatic Evolved Dragon (if it gets released that is) should be for DA only. I mean, we DragonLords payed for DragonFable, and we should get more exclusive items. Okay, back on topic. There is a new mini-game that you play as Stalagbite (Vath’s Chaotic Dragon) and you have to defeat the Rock Roc. After that, you get to battle the Rock Roc yourself. This feature is only for members, but I believe we non-members are going to have the same features next week.  Go to the Design Notes to see how to play the mini-game.

The second big thing is that the Dwarf versus Drow War has started. Here’s some pictures of the place:


That is the war zone’s starting area.


There is also a new shop.


Here are where the monsters are.

Alright, this concludes the new AQW News. This is Vicxyz signing off!

Cya Around!


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  1. theres a huge post cysero made…

    HAHAHAHA! I have direct access to the AQW design notes now! No more handing over a well written DNs post to Ai No Miko to post for me!

    Let’s talk. It’s been a while. How have you been?

    Oh, I guess you can’t answer. Ok, let’s talk about something else.

    How about AC items. You guys know that Adventure Coins are real money. You can earn and spend as much gold as you like and it has no real effect on AQW but every AC that you spend goes to supporting the game, paying for the servers, paying for the bandwidth and supporting the staff who makes the games so we can dedicate all of our professional time to making you more releases and instead of all of us getting second (or in some cases third) jobs at Fatburger. I mean, I think it would be awesome if AE ran it’s own Fatburger and we all worked there, but the less I have to make fast food the happier I am.

    Sorry, back to Adventure Coins.

    As I was saying, you spend REAL money on ACs and that money all goes to supporting the game, and inventory space is limited for cost reasons BUT AC INVENTORY doesn’t have to be. You already spent the money to support the game. We don’t want you to have to pick and choose which AC items to save or delete… we don’t want you to delete ANY of them… they cost you real cash! SO… here’s what we’re going to do.

    Very soon, the bank will be able to hold an UNLIMITED AMOUNT OF AC ITEMS! This upgrade to your bank will cost you no additional ACs. It comes with the Bank. This upgrade to your bank is for everyone, member and non-member alike.

    If you haven’t opened your bank yet talk to Valencia in Battleon.

    Where Valencia Is

    As soon as this update happens (maybe this Friday, maybe not… but soon) …if you decide to buy every single AC item in the entire game then you will be able to fit ALL of them in your bank. AC weapons, AC Armors, AC helms, AC Cloaks, AC Pets… AC ANYTHING.

    This was only fair to you guys. We really appreciate all of your support, without member support AND AC support, AQW would never make it. We love this game, and we love you being able to play it… thanks for keeping it alive and going strong!

    On to Cupcakes. One of my very best friends, who has been since my first month of college (she broke my watch) and she and her entire family play AQW. I hang out with them in game when I can because they live 4 hours away and I don’t get to see them much in real life but LAST WEEKEND they all came to visit. She is good at a lot of things but she cooks like nobody’s business (Actually she cooks like it’s HER business. Because it IS her business. She runs a catering business) and she made me cupcakes.

    Oooooh cupcakes.

    Now, MOST cupcakes are pretty good. It’s hard to mess up cupcakes, but THESE were SERIOUS cupcakes. The cakes themselves had berries, and they were moist and perfect but the frosting… it was some sort of magical mixture made of confectioner’s sugar, cream cheese, raspberry jam and love. I’ve never tasted anything like it.

    Normally my fiancee and I share everything. When we share something I always save the last bite of it for her. She does the same for me. We obviously encounter some problems in that respect. We end up with a lot of “last bites” sitting around. But these magical cupcakes had a different effect on us. We fought over the last one.

    I mean fought.

    She hit me with a chair. I was forced to turn a fire hose on her. She drove her car through a wall to cut me off on my way to the kitchen. I threw a shark at her. She blew up the sun. It was a MESS.

    Man those were some good cupcakes.

    So, how about that AC bank, huh?

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