The Next Chaos Beast Awakens!

Well… more like “hatches”…
Master of the skies, the Roc is an enormous legendary Chaos Beast once thought to be extinct. Recent discoveries made by Lord Vath have proved otherwise. With his collection of powerful Chaos Gemeralds, Vath can finally unleash the Rock Roc! So… let me ask you… are you ready to Roc ‘n Roll?!

Okay, so the Rock Roc is HUGE. It is the size of a fully-grown dragon! An aerial assault is the only effective way of grounding this bird-of-clay, but the one thing big enough to take on such a creature is Vath’s own dragon, Stalagbite! …wait… you’re actually thinking about stealing Stalagbite?! And you want to fly on his back so you can take down the Rock Roc!?! Are you crazy?! …awesome. You might have what it takes after all!


Rock Roc Mini Game!
The battle against the Rock Roc will occur in two phases: Phase 1 being a Mini-Game and Phase 2 being head-to-head combat. The first Phase will allow you to fly on the back of Stalagbite as you try to take down the Rock Roc without being taken down yourself! The Mouse controls the movements and abilities of Stalagbite:

  • moving the mouse in any direction will move, speed up, or slow down Stalagbite
  • a left mouse click will shoot a fireball
  • holding down the left button and letting go ignites a powerful flame
  • moving to the bottom on the screen will allow Stalagbite to run on the ground and gobble up Drow Archers to replenish Health

drarocOnce weakened, the Rock Roc will fall from the sky and you will have to take it on MMORPG style—brute force mixed with magic! This battle will not be easily won and will take much patience and strength (and a whole lot of Mountain Dew)!

New Items!
New weapons and armors ROC! Head over to Snowbeard’s Rep Shop and get your hands on some wicked cool Dwarven Gear! Snowbeard now offers:

  • Dwarf Warrior Armor
  • Red Dwarf Warrior Armor
  • Scorpion Spear (what could this be foreshadowing?)


Dwarves vs. Drow: the War begins!
As if taking down a massively foul Fowl isn’t dangerous enough, Dwarves have declared War against the Drow! Dwarfhold Mountains belong to the Dwarves and you and your friends must do everything in your power to see that their home is returned! But Wars are no picnics (if they were, everyone would be a lot happier!); the Drow have called their comrades to battle as well! Taking down Chaos Draconians amongst the Drow is not going to be an easy task… especially since Vath’s most trusted general, D’wain Jonsen the King Scorpion Lord, is leading the crusade! YIPES!

5 Responses

  1. its a cool armor right?

  2. sup it’s me lordoc pokemaster150 sorry i have not comment lately but my computer is till busted and my dad have take it to fix it. by the way is it true that a new dragon has hatch. you better train if you want to beat it. im still at level 3. ok bay

  3. dude nice the red armor so better

  4. thats nothing i can beat that with 0 dragons

  5. its true by the way

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