Lordoc’s Vacation B4 School

I will be going on vacation guys! I will come back in about 10 to 12 Days… I added one of my bests friend to post for me, He is a cool guy that I love. Anyways, I thank god he knows about AQWorlds because he has the latest updates. I promised him to add him to my Blogroll witch I didn’t and I will be doing now… Thanks Vicxyz! I will miss you all & Hope I come in time for the PVP… Maybe I’ll use my Cousin’s Computer when I get there. BYE EVERYONE!!!

2 Responses

  1. i could do it for you! if you don’t mind… well im going to be on from now on in theis time… 12:00-4:00 pm easterntime hope i see you guys!

  2. Nah, It’s okay… Thanks though. I would had let you post If i known you longer. I know Vicxyz since I didn’t play AQWorlds… But you are my best friend. I wouldn’t wanna trade my friends because well u guys are there for me…

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