Friday Release

(AQWorlds Design Notes New Post)

Tonight the Dwarfhold war will begin! Prepare yourself for the newest Chaos Beast, a new minigame (in testing members only this week) and new Scorpion King items in Snowbeard’s war shop. When Cysero asked me if I wanted to add the soundFX and music to the cutscenes I was really excited. The “Chaos DragonLord” theme music is a short clip I cut out of one of Warlic, Zhoom and my jam sessions here at the secret underground lab. If you like it, we will re-record the full song for the conclusion of the zone!

Beleen is preparing a full post while we get ready to go live! Hold on to your helms friends. “It is almost Hero-ing time!”

3 Responses

  1. Hey Lordoc, it’s me Astro, I had an old account ages ago, what was it called? Come on you should know, I was always with you. Anyway, I made a new account called Sparkio, I normally go on Nythera.

    See ya,


  2. Super Astro? I think…

  3. cool update! you should make a design notes for this blog…

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