Artix Is Heading Home!

Message Received By Artix: We hope you are enjoying the release. A message just arrived saying that Artix completed his final mission in Japan (At the oldest Okinawan restaurant in Tokyo… oddly) and will begin his journey back to the Secret Underground Lab on Monday! We imagine he has a lot of stories of places,foodsmonsterscrazier oddities, and friends to share. (Does anyone else get the feeling a Japan-inspired zone with Yokai, Samurai, Ninja, Kaiju, and cutest female npcs running the most insane game shows is in our future?)

Lordoc: That means there will be more updates!!! WOOT! I am so happy that Artix is coming back to the Secret Underground Lab, But where is that?

4 Responses

  1. Lordoc, can i be on ur blogroll please, i rly need the hits 😦

  2. Hiya Lordac. Hopefully Artix will get the stats or PvP put out soon. No vacation for him again until that’s done!

  3. ya!

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