Lord Vath’s Keep

No one is quite sure how monsters get a hold of Gold and Weapons. Regardless, the monsters of Dwarfhold somehow acquired a new shipment of weapons, ranging from Mining Tools to Glowing Staves to Rocky Maces! A new Dwarven Engineering Armor has appeared in Snowbeard’s Shop as well, but you will have to be pretty reputable with Dwarfhold to wear this gear!

Ever wanted a llama in your living room? Now is your chance! Keeping in the spirit of our newest Zone, we have released brand-new Dwarfhold-themed House Items, including a Cave House Model! Decorate your humble abode with 14 NEW ITEMS, including Dwarven beds, thrones, bathtubs, columns, curtains, chandeliers, and more! The Dwarven mastermind Mick Guyver will be selling these items in his shop, but you have to find him first..

Friend of Elder IronFist, Mick Guyver is a slave trapped in the Dwarfhold Prison. Mick is an incredibly gifted and talented Dwarf who has a way of creating amazing concoctions out of odd-ball things! Befriending this Dwarf will allow you to overcome any obstacle you should face on your adventures within Dwarfhold. Mick Guyver also has a unique shop that sells brand-new Dwarfhold-themed House Items and even a new Cave House Model!

This is your first chance to explore Lord Vath’s Keep. But, he IS a Chaos Lord, so do you think it’s a good idea to sneak around his chambers without permission? Only one way to find out! Beware of his Chaos Draconians and Drow army; they will stop at nothing to protect their Master! If you do happen to find Vath, your best bet is to turn around. Seriously.

Once thought to have been destroyed back in the days of Soluna City, the SkullCrusher armor makes an amazing comeback with the help of the MechQuest Art Book! That’s right! Artix Entertainment has published its first book ever-and it gets better, since each of the 120+ pages is fully illustrated IN COLOR! The limited-edition MechQuest Art Book offers a How to Draw Mecha section by Thyton and Oishii, never before seen sketches, the secret of transforming Starships, and a unique code that unlocks the EXCLUSIVE SkullCrusher Mecha in MechQuest and the SkullCrusher Armor in AdventureQuest Worlds! Get yours today and be the first to show off this awesome armor!

Speak with Valencia in the town of BattleOn. She will have a new rare item hunt for you each day of the week-that means 7 different rare items for you to collect.

The game has been expanding and getting better each week thanks to you and all of the other great players. Whether you have been helping people have fun in game, offering suggestions on the forums, or supporting us by upgrading your account… our thanks goes out to you again! AQWorlds is a unique game unlike any other. It is living, breathing, and evolving each week right under your fingers as you play! In other games you read about legends and lore that has happened… in AQWorlds, you are making it happen! Thank you for being a part of it!

Battle on!
Artix, Beleen, Cysero, & the AQW Team

2 Responses

  1. how to enter vath’s keep with out being member in aq worlds

  2. just type /join stalagbite there you go but if you didnt fight and succesfully killed roc roc your not getting in

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