Jorxlol’s Quest

Quest: Disapoofed

Items Required: Vath’s Plans x1

Item Location: Right, up, up, up, then click on the door


Quest: Hoodwinked

Items Required: Assassin Hoods x6

Item Location: Dropped by “Drow Assassin”


Quest: Claws For The Cause

Items Required: Draconian Claws x3

Item Location: Dropped by “Chaotic Draconian”


Quest: Scrambled Eggs

Items Required: Cracked Egg x12

Item Location: Dropped by Chaos Egg


Quest: The King’s Wings

Items Required: Terradactyl Wings x1

Item Location: Dropped by Terradactyl


Quest: Bugging Out 

Items Required: Beetle Glands x3

Item Location: Dropped by Rhino Beetle


Quest: Lizard Gizzard

Items Required: Lizard Gizzard x1

Item Location: Dropped by Cave Lizard

One Response

  1. i have been playing forever trying to find this guy it still hard to find him.

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