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Okay, I made a twitter long time ago. I said, if 5 people secretly find my twitter, I will post the link at my blog & post daily. Well, I checked & 8 people found it! This is awesome, now you can check my twitter at  Anyways, please check it out & Follow Me. I will be updating my Twitter Daily maybe doing so parties or just meeting. I will be making Appointments when I will train and maybe you could come with me. just go to Cya everyone!

Lordocs Witter

4 Responses

  1. Heya lordoc, just wanna say Im in your forum again and Ive made my own aqw cheat site at Theres also alot of spam on the forum when people say random things…

  2. Oh yea, its Blue Buru on my new account lolz.

  3. i followed you first day i was on

  4. Lol, quibble the future sword seller.

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