Tonight’s Release

Meet Lord Vath face-to-face!…Kinda
Do you have what it takes to enter Lord Vath’s chamber? Are you prepared to face what is inside? You do realize what will happen if you get caught, right? Are you sure you wanna go in there? …Alright. Just keep in mind that Vath is a Lord of Chaos after all, and he is bound to have a few tricks up his DragonLord armored sleeve! Let’s just hope that everyone you met along the way isn’t a traitor… *shudder* oh, I have a bad feeling about this… Let’s say hypothetically that you do get caught by Lord Vath. The outcome will not be pretty. You’ll probably get thrown into Prison… but hey, spending quality time behind bars has its perks. You can always meet the inmates and help devise an escape plan! But where there is a Prison, there is always a Prison Warden… and Prison Wardens are the boss (hypothetically, of course)!


Mick Guyver, the Dwarven Engineer
Best known for creating amazing concoctions out of odd-ball things, Mick Guyver is one dwarf to have on your side. His whereabouts are currently unknown*, but if you do find him, take the time to say hello; you never know what crazy inventions he might need your help with! He also has a secret shop that sells 14 brand-new Dwarfhold-themed house items, including:

  • Stalactite Chandelier
  • Mine Cart Bathtub
  • Dwarfhold Door Replica
  • Stone Throne
  • Potty-Trained Llamas

A new Cave House has been added to Penny’s Real Estate Shop, too! This two-room home is built into the side of a mountain and features a scenic view!


*We actually know where Mick Guyver is, but we are sworn to secrecy by the Dwarf himself.

New Items!
How monsters get a hold of Gold and Weapons? Beats me. Regardless, the monsters of Dwarfhold have somehow acquired a new shipment of weapons! We did, however, find a wrinkled-balled-up-slightly-torn Shipping Invoice in Vath’s trashcan that listed the monsters’ orders! Convenient, right?

  • Amadeus ordered a new dagger: Claw of the Shrew
  • Albino Bats received 2 new types of Cricket Bats
  • Glow Worms now have 5 multiple-colored GlowSticks
  • Balboas received 2 new Rocky Clubs
  • Axe of the Prospector was also ordered for Balboas

Snowbeard also got a new shipment in (Fed-Axe must be working double time)! A new Dwarven Engineering Armor is available for purchase, but you will have to be pretty reputable with Dwarfhold to wear this gear!



Drow Heads?
Well… not quite. Well… kinda. The Drow in Dwarfhold are dropping what we like to call “head morphs.” When placed upon your head, these magical helms transform your face, eyes, ears, and hair into that of a Drow! There are 5 new Drow Head Morphs to collect; some would say that this is one way to get a head in life!

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