Dogs vs Cats- AQW Design Notes

Yokai #2: The Neko-mata
Thank you to everyone who posted, twitter’ed and send me messages about other stories simliar to Hachi from around the world. I would like to put all of the stories on a single page… perhaps someone on the forums would like to help research and organize it? Today… I would like to talk about Cats. In perticular, the extremely dangerous Yokai cat… the Neko-mata. Able to renimate the dead by simply hopping over a body, these vengeful creatures are little cuddly little Necromancers. You might be able to spot one by it’s large sized and forked tail… or that fact that it can talk. It is said that any cat who is badly mistreated can become a Neko-mata when it becomes old enough. So always treat your cat (and all pets) with lots of love and respect! …and make a note about this Yokai in your Undead Slayer’s Handbook… the source of the next undead invasion may be smaller and furrier than normal.

Also, today I am going to Comiket in Tokyo, Japan. It is a HUGE comic market which lass for three days only. With over 35,000 artists selling their manga/comics and half a million people attending… it is hard to believe. There are more people selling manga at Comiket that go to DragonCon total! Crazy! Oh, yes, Zorbak is going too… and he promised to take some pictures for you.

P.S. Good luck with the release tonight Cysero and team!

Forum Question: Are you a Dog or a Cat person?

2 Responses

  1. nice dude see dude your qebsite rocks

  2. cool(only me lordoc aslen dragonlord and yash100 are still on the forumn well yash said he quit so its only me lordoc aslen and dragonlord now)

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