AQWorlds – New Header

Okay, I just made the coolest header ever! Don’t you think. Its so awesome, it took me like 1 hour and something to do it. My desktop got full of pictures. TINY PICTURES! I tooked small pictures, big pictures, Small details, e.t.c. I made it because the old header was kid of boring. Well, it will still be my second best header. Anyways, please comment & tell me what you think! Or just vote on this poll.

12 Responses

  1. lordoc you rock and i go on youre websight every day maby you can see me later at battleon-20

  2. 2 vote woot

  3. oye sever is ser ver

    you are awsome

  4. Actually
    battleon 99379 ok

  5. lordoc you havent talked about the new gem colecting game yet in a cart

    (sorry about the spellings)

  6. Hum, thanks for the comments…

  7. lordoc are you coming then coz im alrdy there

  8. what i wear

    Armour:phoenix plate
    neck:wings of darkness
    mace:godly mace of the ancients
    pet:mini terradactyl

  9. awesome new header! wow can you make anew forum header too?

  10. Just favorited your site. I’ll be back when I reach level 13.

  11. awessome dude

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