Life-Sized Gundam!

I am living 12 hours in the future… and they have Robots
Here in Tokyo, Japan they have constructed a life-sized Gundam. Standing around four stories tall it is an amazing sight. Thousands and thousands of people pour in every day to see it.. and we all are thinking the same thing…

LIfe-Sized Gundam Mecha
(Makes me want to play more MechQuest)

While I have seen a lot of very technologically advanced thingsin Japan, but this was just amazing. It is a shame they are taking it down at the end of the month.

Yokai #1: The Tsukumo-gami
Those of you who know a lot about Japanese Yokai probably thought I would start off with an easy one like Kitsune, Kappa or very popular Tengu. But it is a well known fact that readers of the design notes like to jump right into the heavy stuff! So Yokai #1 is the Tsukumo-gami. It is said when something that has been owned for a very long time is thrown away… the item can become resentful and haunted! These haunted artifacts can move around sand cause great amounts of trouble. It normally takes 99 years of useful service for an item to gather enough energy to become haunted when thrown away (a Tsukumo-gami). However, incredibly popular objects may take MUCH less time. *Looks back up*

P.S. Today I met an awesome AQWorlds player in Akihabara. It was shocking to find a player here in Japan… but even more crazy is that he had upgraded in all the games, and had theShadowscythe T-shirtSave Chuckles T-shirt AND theMechQuest Artbook! (Those must have been some crazy shipping costs!)

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