How To Unlock UpperCity- Revealed

QUESTS AVAILABLE AT “/join dwarfhold”

Squeeze Water from Stone– Type “/join mountainpath” than Kill monsters Balboa & Ore Balboa & get 3 Water Stones.

Balboa & Ore Balboa

Carrion Carrying On– go to “/join mountainpath” again & kill the Vultragons until you get 6 Vultragon Beak, than go turn it in back at Dwarfhold.


Bagged Lunches– Kill Drow Soldiers and get 8 Food Puches and Turn In Mission.

Drow Soldier

Radiant Lamps– Go kill the Glowing Worms & get 3 Vials of Glow Ichor & turn in the mission.

Glow Worm

Having a Blast– go kill Albino Bats & get 8 Piles of Bat Guano than turn in the mission Note: this gives you 3x & 2x for Piles of Bat Guano

Albino Bat

Secret Weapons– Go kill the Chaotic Draconians & get eight secret weapons than when you are done with the quest go turn it in.

Chaotic Draconians

Go to Geopetal Do all her quests

Rock Star– Collect 7 Limestones from the floor, its like the one at Noobshire for beginners, all you have to do is find 7 Limestones that look like this:


All that glitters– Drow Soldier will drop the 5 Gold Deposits, once you have them, just go turn it in.

Drow Soldier

Gemeralds– Kill Chaotic Draconian the contain the 6 Chaos Gemeralds/
Chaotic Draconians

Talc to Me– Go and kill Albino Bat and go turn in the mission, you will get the key & go to the Big Golden Door 7 Click the button I donn’t know what it says I don’t remember, The Key will be broken, go back to Geopetal and accept new mission

The Key

Rock Me Amadeus- Go fight Amadeus & Kill him until you get the new Key



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  1. oh well i gave you some hints but you logged off when i was about to show you them… maybe i will get to do it next time:)

  2. yeah, B-cuz noboddy helped me. LOL!

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  5. can i say that do you know the answers for the mysteryquestions in sleuthhound inn please tell how to find it or you type the answer and email please.please.please.please.please

  6. damm yo thxx no buddy help me

  7. ^^.hey thanks for this blog, wouldnt have known how to finish the quests easier.^^

  8. No problem…

  9. how do you unlock geopetaln quest

  10. thx i got past to uppercity

  11. how many times did it take to get the key

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