What’s up in UpperCity?

Jorxlol and his band of assassins!
It’s always funny when you find yourself fighting next to your enemies, but in the case of the Breethen D’irt drow assassin clan you should just count your lucky stars that they are on your side.

This fearsome band of assassins are so feared amongst the drow that even whispering their name is considered bad luck. For them no job is too big and no fee is too big.

The clan has been lead by Jorxlol for many years and under his guidance the clan has prospered, mostly due to his knack for staying free of any political ties. Jorxlol has kept Breethen D’irt a free agent in a very difficult business, and business was booming…. until Chaos Dragonlord Vath.

With his undeniable power, Vath terrified even the largest drow houses into joining him on his crusade for Drakath. Through fear, Vath unified the warring drow families and now all of them march as one beneath his chaos banner… and nothing spoils an assassin’s mood like peace and unity. It’s just bad for business.

Jorxlol is as afraid of Vath as anyone else but the Breethen D’irt clan has mastered moving in the shadows unnoticed until the time to strike presents itself, and you know the old saying… “My enemy’s enemy is my friend,”.

Once Geopetal has given you to key to enter Uppercity, speak to Jorxlol and see how he can help you reach Vath, and stop his plans!

Dwarfhold continues to be one of the largest releases that we have ever done for AQW, this week we set loose:

  • 4 new monsters, with some new item drops including hard-to-find pets!
  • A new AC shop with 11 new items, including 2 new armors and a new AC pet (talk to Jorxlol in Uppercity or Sejeth in Battleon)!
  • 4 new items in Snowbeard’s Dwarfhold Reputation shop, including the Dwarven Ironcrusher armor!
  • 7 Brand new quests in one of our largest and coolest maps ever!
  • The Cloak of Disapoofing! The Draconians guarding Vath’s keep will attack on sight…. so it’s best not to be seen. You can go invisible for any of Uppercity’s quests!

It’s a big release with a lot of new stuff to play with. Enjoy yourself, because next week we enter Chaos Dragonlord Vath’s keep!

The AE Assassin Clan!
Check this out—could this be any cooler? Ai No Miko, Cysero, Reens and I have formed our own little Drow Assassin Clan! By day, we are just simple Gamers who spend most of our time playing AQ Worlds and browsing the web. By day, we are just simple Gamers who spend most of our time playing (making) AQ Worlds and browsing the web. By night, we hide in the shadows of our metropolitan cities, plotting our next assassination (usually against spiders and rambunctious city-dwelling insects). Some people would say that we have the best job in the world, and those people are TOTALLY RIGHT!


Join us this weekend as we play the role of assassins in Lore! You can get sweet Drow Assassin loot from Sejeth in Battleon and from Jorxlol in the UpperCity. You can uncover the history of Drow Assassins by talking to Jorxlol, or just by reading Cysero’s Release Post on the Design Notes! I type much faster than him, so keep checking back… his post will be up in no time! *fades into the shadows*

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  1. Assasins…..

  2. como baixa hack do adventure quest wolds

  3. I wish i was an upgrade

  4. Hey in aq worlds im a lev 9

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