AQWorlds New Background & Sejeth

Okay, hey finally an update. Anyways, check this out. Its a new background for AQWorlds main.

(Click Image For Full Size)

Main Screen

There is this new shop at Battleon, this woman “Sejeth” brought some awesome items. Take a look. They are really awesome, just click her “!” icon to get them.

New Items

The reason she brought this items is for you to help her defeat the Chaos Dragonlord Vath. 










5 Responses

  1. Hello, remember me? I just stopped by to let you know i have a new site
    Heres a link:
    It is based on AQW and CP(I’m still workin on the CP site =D)

    Thanks a lot

  2. Oh by the way, I’m Nazu the zorian =D

  3. i know this update is cool!

  4. hi lordoc im kokollo the master i play aqwords that is my e-mail
    talk to me in msn

  5. talk to me in artix server my name is kokollo the master in aqworlds

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