Questing in the land of the rising sun
I have missed you! For quite some time now Twilly, Zorbak and myself have been on a secret mission* in the far, far, far, far, far East.


At first, I was surprised when the secret order of undead slayers assigned me to this mission. Here in Japan the undead are mearly a footnote in the HUGE collection of supernatural creatures known as Yokai. These Yokai come in so many shapes, forms… some are like ghosts, others goblins, some are formed from skeletons of fallen warriors on a battlefield… some are even the manifistation of grudges and puns***! While October is the spookiest time in the West, the Summer is the spookiest time here in Japan! So in between your battles against the Chaos DragonLord, I would like to send you stories of Yokai from specific regions here in Japan. Have a great release and I will write to you again soon! (Also, I will post some special photos for you!)

* Artix’s skill at keeping secrets is only slightly better than his skill at not getting lost on the Tokyo subway
** Translates to: Lost, Dark, Hopeless…
*** No need to worry. Artix’s Japanese is too weaksauce to make puns…. yet. Although, he has been finding other ways to communicate.

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