Okay, obviously AQWorlds is working on a big project. I can tell by them not posting and not updating anything. But its getting boring. I wanna post something already and everything I had post is useless because I like blogging as you know. Anyways, I wanna make a cool quick game here. Think of “Chuck Norris” I will say something, Than you will make one up just like me. This one is kind of lame but check it out.

Chock Norris Doesn’t have a mom, He consider himself as his own mother…

5 Responses

  1. and he eats eggs everyday…

  2. there is no updates because Athix is in japan want to watch a movie look at the design notes

  3. no updates cause well how should i explain it? i asked cysero this question and he said most games only have one update every mounth and the ae team is getting bigger so some do one game some do another that makes it possiable for updates to be like 1 update every 2 weeks then they work their hardest to do it not like other lousy game makers so they work hard with a big team to make updates faster hope this helped

  4. Hum… Okay?

  5. well i do need to make some more things in there…

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