Lordoc Has Been Reinstated

Okay, I am so happy! AQWorlds Emailed me back today saying that my account is now ready for me to log in. I am so happy, finally today is my Birthday, its a good present from AQWorlds to give me my account back. Now I can buy does 12,000 coins I wanted to buy 1 week ago. Anyways, guys, thanks for your support, Everyone was giving me some luck and you guys made me feel better. Take a look at my Lordoc. 

Battle On

Also Happy  Birthday to Yash100 one of my top posters on the forum. Sadly he quitted. But still, he is on of my coolest  friends.

5 Responses

  1. hurray! lordoc is back!(i wonder who hacked it)but at least you got him back! now i can get used to lordoc again(i was getting used to king lordoc…)

  2. and happy birthday!(its yash100’s birthday too)

  3. sweet lordoc is back !!!!!!!!
    and happy b day to yash100

  4. Yay Lordoc has been Reinstated and happy birthday to yash 100

  5. Hurray! Lordoc has been reinstated! And hurray for Yosh100’s birthday

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