Great NEWS!!!

OMG, I think I might be getting my account this week. I am so exited because AQWorlds replied my back and Luckily I found all information they needed & replied. Anyways, I have every E-mails from AQWorlds on my E-mail. Witch is now created by a password that nobody will figure it out. That way the account is safe. Thanks everyone for your support. I wanted to tell you the reason why my account got Disabled. AQWorlds didn’t answer my question but I think it was because I was spamming this In The End line that I wanted to post on youtube. I wasn’t worth it because the Track is a copyright by this “WMG” So I had to delete it because no one was going to hear it.

9 Responses

  1. Great news! I’m glad you got your main character back.

  2. great glad you could fix it

  3. Thanks!

  4. Thank you too

  5. Congratulations on might getting lordoc back in aqworlds!

  6. Cool, thanks Dragon!

  7. yay lordoc is going to be back!

  8. yay lordoc got your ac back so happy for you

  9. How can u go to the upper city? Can u help me plz?

    Lordoc: Yes, I’ll post it tomorrow…

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