Meet My Secondary Account

Hey Guys, For the blog this will be the replacement until I get my other account “Lordoc” back. Anyways, I am starting to like this account so I will be posting with it some time. My account “Lordoc” ISSUES are under control. I found the way how to get it back, And I think I know why it got Disabled. Anyways, if you ever want to meet “King Lordoc” just go to safiria and if I am on you might be lucky to type (/friend king lordoc) Anyways here is the picture of him…

King Lordoc

6 Responses

  1. This is so cool man…I love you…You are so cool dude…You are like the best person ever…lol…Well its true…

    Lordoc: Cool! Thanks…

  2. lordoc nice new account i hope you can get your other account back! and im almost halveway there to becoming level 19!

  3. cant believe ur father blocked ur acocunt just like mine unbelieveable people wont tarde for my lvl 19 cahracter

    Lordoc: What are you talking about? My father loves me to play this game and he doesn’t mind, HE HAS NO ACCESS to my account. I created it, I paid everything for it, an the parent E-mail is mines…

  4. hey lordc i i go to lvl 18

  5. hey nice account!

  6. OMG you look AWESOME!!!!!!!!
    I have an account amber012 I hope I see you in Safria.

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