Now Hiring (inquire within)

The Time Has Come To Decide.
This weekend, we are finally releasing the Good and Evil rep stores and several Daily Rep Quests which you wil be able to get from either King Alteon in Swordhaven or Gravelyn in Shadowfall.

Of course we will be releasing Good and Evil Reputation Shops to go with the quests, stocked to the gills with a number of never-before seen Good and Evil items!

But you’re going to have to decide which side you’re going to build your reputation with. Starting Friday, switching sides will come with a price… 100,000 gold.

This weekend the Vath boss fight will open for all players, and I’d like to thank all the members for helping test it last week. It was one of the most well recieved fights with some of the best drops that we’ve ever had. I hope you non-members enjoy it just as much!

This Friday is also when DragonFable begins its Doom Knight Bonus Offers to long-standing Dragon Amulet holders. Keep an eye on your In-box, Dragonlords!

DragonCon stuff!
IN OTHER NEWS… This week we are all preparing for our yearly trek to Atlanta, GA for DRAGONCON. If you haven’t heard yet, we will be hosting a panel in the Agusta room of the Sheraton Hotel at 2:30 PM, this Saturday. We’ll be talking about AQW and the other AE games, answering questions, asking some of our own. We will probably invent a few games (invented Twilly Golf at Jacon). We will be giving sneak previews of Stats, PVP and the DF artbook, showing a few movies and giving out some prizes!

We will also be signing MQ artbooks and Save Chuckles shirts (or anything else that you’d like signed) so be sure to bring yours, and if you don’t have those items yet (but everyone who shows probably will) We’ll also be selling a few of them at the panel.

If you can’t make it to the panel, just track me down in the hallways (i’m hard to miss) and I will give you your rare Sock Dragon pet. See ya there!

DragonCon stuff!
IN OTHER OTHER NEWS, I finally have a list of stores in Canada and the UK that will be selling AE Upgrade Cards around Mid-October.

CANADA: Safeway Grocery (About 213 stores will carry the cards), Toys R Us (About 67 stores), Macs –Convenience (About 887 stores), and Needs (About 159 stores)

UNITED KINGDOM: Clinton Cards (I have no idea how many stores)

Now Hiring!
IN OTHER OTHER OTHER NEWS… *sigh* we are hiring.

/me kicks over table and hides behind it to avoid deadly hail of questions, resumes and letters asking that we make a ONE time exception and hire them for some position that we don’t need or doesn’t exist… like Door Trimmer, or Salsa Polisher.

The time has come once again for AE to expand its talent base and once again we come to you, loyal AE fans, to give us your very best. We know there is a limitless pool of talent out there from all the great suggestions and fan mail that we recieve daily, but we are only looking for the best of the best. a HUGE number of the AE Game Development Staff came from the community, from Rolith to Reens, From Ghost to Tomix. Right now, what we need are Experienced Flash Programmers, and Flash Animators.

You MUST be 18 years old, or older.

You MUST be able to fill one or both of the positions listed above. WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WHO CAN DRAW OR WRITE. We only need skilled ANIMATORS (who usually CAN draw) and PROGRAMMERS ONLY.

If you feel like you’ve got what it takes to be a programmer or animator for Artix Entertainment, please e-mail a cover letter, resume and samples of your coding work/your animation reel/ samples of your animations to me.

Thanks, and good luck!

Quick Tip 4 Does Who Have AC Items

Okay, I found a really cool way to get more space on your Inventory. But you must obtain AC Items to do this.

1. Go to Valencia

2. Open up your bank

3. Select Ac Items and insert to bank (I doesn’t matter if is’t full, the items will be placed to the AC Selection)

Look at this video I made so you could understand it better

AQW News!

Hello everyone, Vicxyz here, with AQW News(this is the non-member version so I am sorry if you’re a member)! Today, AQW released the Rock Roc minigame, and you can battle the Roc! There are also new cutscenes, and Dwarf Versus Drow War is coming to an end! Here are some pictures of the release! First, The Daily Dragon!




Also, a new bank has has been released for AC only items. This is exciting for people that have many AC items, but me as an AQW Toolbar user, isn’t all that useful, as the only AC item that I have is the Courtly Cape which is party of my main outfit :?. Here is a picture of it:


Now that the minigame/battle against the Rock Roc has been released to non-members, I have pictures! Here they are:


Here is a picture of the minigame. My advice to beat it is to use it’s flames (hold left mouse button for like half a second) and eat the Drows when the Roc goes away.


Coming next week is the battle against Vath and Stalagbite! Also, new Good and Evil reputation shops and quests are coming out! For more information go to the Design Notes here. That’s it for this week’s AQW News! This is Vicxyz signing off!

Cya Around


Bugs and other fun.

This is the way we squash the bugs…
Good news everyone! The bug with the minigame (free players not being able to advance after the minigame) has been fixed. You should be able to finish it up properly now.

Bank and Inventory Issues: 1. Some people have been posting about losing bag slots. What is happening is this – empty bag slots are no longer visible. Say you have 40 slots purchased, but items in 35 of them. You’ll only see those 35. You haven’t lost the other 5 – you can add items to them as necessary.

2. People are putting in AC items and are unable to find them in the bank. As you can see below, the bank now has 2 tabs. Click on the AC symbol to see your AC items.

2 Tabs in your Bank


Fight With Your Head First. No. Don’t Headbutt Him… Nevermind.
Vath is ready for you… or so he thinks.


Or maybe he’s right.

This boss fight is unlike anything you’ve seen in AQ Worlds before. it requires a STRATEGY… I don’t want to give away too much, but I will tell you this: If you find yourself getting stomped to death by Stalagbite for 3600 damage, UR DOIN IT WRONG!

With quick wits, good old-fashioned trial and error and a pinch of luck… you’ll be able to figure it out. Don’t give up! The dwarves are counting on you.

If you defeat Vath the dwarves will be waiting for you in Tavern. Speak to Snowbeard and you will be able to replay every single amazing cutscene from the entire Dwarfhold Quest Chain!

Vath is a Pinata. Hit him enough and candy will fall out. He will drop:

  1. Chaos Dragonlord Armor
  2. Legendary Sword of Dragon Control
  3. Shattered Legendary Sword of Dragon Control
  4. Cloak of Vath (Yeah, it’s Color Customizable)
  5. Chaos Dragonlord Helm
  6. Chaos Dragonlord Axe
  7. Chaos Dragonlord Mace
  8. Chaotic Dragon Lance
  9. Vath’s Hair

And Stalagbite drops a mini version of himself. The Stalagbite Pet.

Then, we’ve got the new additions to the Player Suggestion Shop, in Yulgar’s Inn. (Just talk to Yulgar)

  1. AQW Player Dage666’s Undead Warrior Armor
  2. AQW Player Dage666’s Undead Warrior Armet (Helm)
  3. AQW Player Titanio’s Sword
  4. AQW Player Rohan’s Hashashin Armor
  5. AQW Player Rohan’s Armored Hashashin Armor
  6. AQW Player Lavitz’s Viking Armor

And lastly I am proud to announce that the BANK IS NOW FREE FOR ANY AC ITEM! Starting today, you can drop any AdventureCoin item into your bank for FREE, and it will hold an INFINITE number of AC items. If ytou want to use the bank for normal Items you still need to pay the initial 200 AC fee for your first 20 normal inventory spaces, AC items will slip right past that. If you want you can JUST use the bank to store your AC items and never pay a single AC for space.

This Bank upgrade is for ALL players, member and non-member alike.

To access your Bank, just talk to Valencia in Battleon, click the BANK button and just start moving Adventure Coin items into storage!

You will now see 2 tabs in your bank…


One is for your normal items and the other is for your AC items!

Vath showdown for members, Last week’s Rock Roc fight and minigame released for non-members, New cutscenes with music and sound effects, a HUGE number of items dropping fron Vath (some member and some non-member), A Stalagbite Pet, A number of new additions to the Suggestion Shop (Some AC, some member and some non-member), and the FREE AC BANK upgrade this is by far the largest update that AQW has EVER SEEN!

Have fun with Vath and Stalagbite, guys. Good luck. You’re going to need it.

Hey UK and CANADA!

Got some good news for ya.
Starting in October, you will be able to buy our Artix Entertainment Upgrade Cards in both the UK and Canada!

I don’t have a list of the stores yet but as soon as I do i’ll post them here for ya.

Let’s see, what else…? Oh, I can show you the Chaos Evolved Dragonlord Armor.


Vath WILL drop this, it WILL be for members only (so will both swords shown) and it WILL go live this week during the member preview of the battle aginst Chaos Dragonlord Vath!

No, you can’t have Beleen’s chinchilla pet. (correction: she said you CAN but she’s only selling it for 1 day on her birthday, Dec 14th)

No, you can’t be a mod.

No, that’s not cheese in the background, it’s lava. Dragon + Rocks =/= cheese.

Check out the AQW General Discussion Forums for a list of what ELSE Vath and Stalagbite will drop for members and non-members!

Artix is back in the lab and he says HI to everyone *Artix: /wave*. I’m sure he’ll want his design notes back pretty soon.

He also says that Ballyhoo in the originial AQ is feeling neglected. Could you go show her some love? She’s still giving away Z-tokens and she will keep giving them away, but she needs people to watch her ads so advertisers will keep paying for those Z-tokens for her to give away.

It’s a viscious cycle of free stuff.

AQW News, Vicxyz Style!

Hello everyone! Vicxyz here, with AQW News! *applause* Yes, thank you, thank you :lol:. Not long ago, I posted here because Lordoc’s computer wasn’t working with WordPress. But, now I’m back, because Lordoc is on vacation. I might post next weeks news, but Lordoc might be back by then. Now, let’s stop grumbling around about greetings and such, and get on to the news. Here, is The Daily Dragon.



The main thing is that the Rock Roc hatches, and you steal Vath’s Chaotic Dragon. Speaking for Chaotic things, I think the Choatic Evolved Dragon (if it gets released that is) should be for DA only. I mean, we DragonLords payed for DragonFable, and we should get more exclusive items. Okay, back on topic. There is a new mini-game that you play as Stalagbite (Vath’s Chaotic Dragon) and you have to defeat the Rock Roc. After that, you get to battle the Rock Roc yourself. This feature is only for members, but I believe we non-members are going to have the same features next week.  Go to the Design Notes to see how to play the mini-game.

The second big thing is that the Dwarf versus Drow War has started. Here’s some pictures of the place:


That is the war zone’s starting area.


There is also a new shop.


Here are where the monsters are.

Alright, this concludes the new AQW News. This is Vicxyz signing off!

Cya Around!