July 31st, 2009 – Mountainous Release!

The Stone of Memory
As the name states, the Stone of Memory is a special rock that records a profound memory. When you hold the Stone in your hands, visions from the past come into view. This type of rock is incredibly rare and has never been seen before… until now! Legend says that there is a Stone of Memory hidden somewhere in Dwarfhold Keep. And I have a hunch that this might be our first glimpse at the Chaos Dragonlord Vath! Someone in Dwarfhold Keep HAS to know a thing or two about it!


Dwarfhold Keep: A Rocky Start!
The fence around Dwarfhold Mountains has been removed! And you know what that means: a new map! Yep, the time has come for you to journey up the rocky mountain path to the entrance of Dwarfhold Keep! But don’t forget to bring Snowbeard’s Battleaxe with you… it acts like a key to get through the giant Golden Ram Doors! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I suggest you visit Snowbeard in the Tavern.balboa

The inside of Dwarfhold Keep is amazing… despite the multiple brand-new monsters that have invaded! Fight through Glow Worms, Drow Soldiers, Albino Bats and more as you travel deeper and deeper within the caves! I hope you have your sword drawn because these beasts don’t take too kindly to strangers! Also… whatever you do… DON’T FALL down that hole! (What hole?…..ahhhhhh!)

Big Bad Boss
Look at what you’ve done. I just told you to stay away from that huge hole, and now you’re in for one rough battle. Legend always spoke of a giant cave beast that slumbers in the deepest cave of Dwarfhold Keep. And now you’ve found him. Get out while you still can—he is SO NOT a morning person… er, morning mole. (Is there such a thing? Well, now there is.)


New Dwarven Items!
Snowbeard has gotten SIX new Dwarven items in his shop! And these items ROCK (no pun intended)! I just hope your Dwarfhold Reputation is high enough to get these brand-new weapons—if not, there are PLENTY of quests in Dwarfhold to level up your Rep!

  • Karag Battleaxe
  • Battleaxe of the Angaz
  • Hammer of Drung
  • Thag War Hammer
  • Grund Dwarven Broadsword
  • Grundmir Master Dwarven Broadsword

Mini Game!


What are Dwarven games called? Heh… Mini Games! And guess what… AQ Worlds now has its FIRST real Mini Game! This side-scroller Mini Game takes you through Dwarfhold Mines as you collect rare Gems in a Mine Cart! But there’s a catch: some of the tracks have holes in them! And that’s a looooonnng fall. The tracks are also littered with debris that will destroy your cart if you hit them. It took me multiple tries to get all the Gems (51 attempts to be exact) but OH it is so much fun! Can you beat my record?

GeopetalGeopetal & IronFist
New NPCs are the best, especially when one of them is AE Staff! A legend in DragonFable, Geopetal makes her first-ever cameo appearance in AQ Worlds! YAY! She and a Dwarven friend named IronFist are ready to keep you busy with brand new quests! With each quest you complete, your Dwarfhold Reputation increases, allowing you to purchase Dwarven items from Snowbeard!



You might not have noticed, but this is my first time posting on the Design Notes! Sure, I sometimes help Artix and Cysero out with them (editing, taking pictures, etc) but this is my FIRST time actually posting one of my own! Yaaay! And I also got an uber sweet Avatar in the process, thanks to Ai No Miko! Okay, I’m done rambling. Off to Dwarfhold Keep! See you there!

3 Responses

  1. errrmmm Lordoc i think you spell July to Yuly??? or you did that on purpos?? or sometin

    Lordoc: Ur right..

  2. in the mining cart game i got 476 gems!

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