How To Die Standing Up

First Step: Go to any place for example : (/join Dwakel)

Second Step: Join a party or invite someone Ex. (/invite lordoc)

Third Step: Keep fighting until you die, **DON’T HEAL**

Forth Step: On the chat bar or the guess of the party, goto them by clicking the statues bar on the left, or Ex. type (/goto lordoc)

Than you will look like this, This glitch used to work like 4 months ago, you could walk, try doing it maybe it works for you.


5 Responses

  1. ya it’s cool

  2. Thanks, Some friend and I discovered it…

  3. how do you make a forum banner?

    Lordoc: I use Grapher and other programs.

  4. grapher?

  5. dude that cool

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