Tonight’s “Little” Release

Meet Snowbeard, the Dwarf Fugitive! 
Deep within the Pine Forest north of Swordhaven rests a quaint tavern known as The Inn Ternet! Inside you will find Otix, the Tavern Keeper, along with Snowbeard and his Seven Gems (our somewhat clever way of saying “Seven Girls”)! Snowbeard is the last free Dwarf in all of Lore and he has some special quests waiting for you! Whatever you do though, don’t belittle him!


A llama farm has also been spotted on the outskirts of Dwarfhold Mountains! Yes, you heard correctly—Llamas! Deep in the Pine Forest you will meet Donna Charmer and her farm of llamas! Unfortunately, these llamas have horrible barn-etiquette and are prone to an extremely nasty habit! May I recommend equipping a helm before venturing to the farm?


Everyone knows that the addition of new NPCs means new quests. But this time, we are doing something a little different… for the first time ever, we have incorporated Reputation* into quests! What does this mean, you ask? Each Dwarfhold Mountain quest is set to a specific Rep Rank, where you must meet the required Reputation in order to complete certain quests! Each time you complete a quest, your Reputation increases, allowing you to unlock more quests and enabling you to equip rare Dwarven Items!

Dwarven Items!
Speaking of Dwarven Items… Cysero has convinced Snowbeard to release some incredible weapons and gear this week! *cheer!* Snowbeard is offering SEVEN different items for you to purchase, all of which have been specially re-sized to fit Humans (the Dwarven Helms were cutting off circulation)! Dwarven Items this week include:

  • Vanir Helm (with or without beard)
  • Brynhildr Helm
  • Dwarven Baselard
  • Dwarven Throwing Axe
  • Dwarven Battle Axe
  • Dwarven PepperGun

New Monsters Afoot! 
Pine Forests are scary enough with the constant fear of being attacked by unruly sap and vicious pinecones *shudder*. But now it’s even scarier: there are Pine Monsters everywhere! LeatherWings and Red Shelled Turtles patrol the forest path, keeping a safe distance from the beastly Pine Grizzlies and humungous Pine Trolls!pine-troll

There is another “grizzly” monster deep in the Pine Forest. It’s big…. It’s bad… and it has REALLY sharp claws! The local villagers have dubbed this monstrosity “TwistedTooth,” and for good reason, too! Once a normal Pine Grizzly, TwistedTooth ventured to the Dwarfhold Mountain Summit and came back Chaorrupted. What happened to him up there? (Could it have been the work from the next Lord of Chaos?) Well, whatever the reason may be, he DOES drop some pretty sweet weapons—but don’t expect him to go down without a fight! You will need the help of your friends to take this Bad-Bear down!


*Ok, I’m going to explain Reputation to you guys. If you select your Portrait in the upper left hand corner of your screen you can see Reputation is now an option. This will tell you how much Rep you have earned with certain people. Dwarfhold is the first area with Rep and Rep based Rewards. When you look in Snowbeard’s Shop you will see that all of his items require a certain Rank of Dwarfhold Reputation in order to use. If you don’t have a high enough Dwarfhold Rep Rank then you can’t get the item. How do you get Dwarfhold Reputation? The answer is Quests.

As you complete quests in an area your Reputation will spread, people learn to respect… or fear… you. Some of Snowbeard and Donna Charmer’s quests will give you 100 points of rep and you can run these quests over and over and over. You can also do daily quests which give you a lot more Rep but you can only do those once per day. Donna has two daily quests worth 200 rep each, and if you’re a member you can do the daily quest for Otix (The tavern Keeper) which is worth 500 rep! Once you have completed these quests, you won’t be able to run them again until after 12:00 AM est, when our servers reset. As we go further and further into Dwarfhold you will find other daily quests worth more Rep that you unlock as you rank up, and you will also find that Snowbeard’s shop will continue to grow with cool new higher-rank items as the area and the story of Vath, the Chaos Dragonlord progresses.

This is just the beginning of a whole new adventure, and if you thought that Escherion was bad, wait until you meet the Dark Elf who took over ancient Dwarfhold and enslaved all who lived there. What is he doing there? What task has Drakath sent him to accomplish? What sweet gear will you find on your way to face him down? Have fun exploring the Dwarfhold Mountains and have a good weekend! Or else.

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