How To Get FREE AQWorlds Coins

Okay, I want to show you guys how to get free coins. It will take  a while to get 100 but if you cant pay this is the right thing to do.


Step 1. Download AQWorlds Toolbar from

Step 2. Type your account Name & Password then submit it.


Step 3. Choose Firefox Or Internet Explorer to install the toolbar to, (I choose Firefox)

Step 4. Search Anything from the tool bar and click search, and if you get to  30 searches you will either get 3 Coins or 5 Coins to your   AQWorlds Account. 

Type Anything

Me, I don’t do that because I prefer to pay it,    but I am glad I found this cheat for does of who your parents don’t let you buy things on internet.

61 Responses

  1. i use it but doesn’t really work anymore:( for me and i can’t do anymore offors without giving out personal info i wish i could just buy them

    Lordoc: Thats weird, If more people have the same problem, I will try to ask my friend Artix if he could fix it…

  2. …I’ve been doing this for like 2 months… Kinda late you know…

  3. ya ive been oing it too the last time it worked for me every 6 searches 1 ac

  4. are u sure this is safe from virus and errors

  5. ya we are sure

  6. pls……………. give a ecoins on adventure quest world mi on auten79

  7. it works for this toolbar i already have 1000 acs it only gives u one acs for couple searches but i ahcked the toolbar for couple searches i got 500 acs and this is a secret im not telling u how i did it

    Lordoc: Dude, get a life. I don’t wanna know that, I am not a hacker.

  8. hackers are crap!!!
    if u want me as ur friend type /goto the white ghost
    and add me.

  9. ya no hacking allowed if u hack ur accout will be deleted by the ae and staff

  10. yup…

  11. Why I Always Get 3 coins..?

  12. Always 3 Coins per Day
    But I Search 30?

  13. is this toolbar is good??

  14. Yeh, its awesome!

  15. how i instal the toolbar to the internet???

  16. i have done 55 searches and only 3 ac

  17. how to free ac coins for free

  18. its 3 coins the maximun number of ac’s daily???

  19. ???

  20. Are you mem because you pay??….or is free?

  21. I paid…

  22. adventure quest worlds Is a really cool game

  23. aqworlds Is cool game

  24. I only get 3 acs a day

  25. I get Ac’s in Aextras
    now i have 1700 ac’s

  26. not everyone gives out personal info

  27. Yeah, not everyone…

  28. the battle bar ac coin limit is now set to 3 coins a day:(

  29. where can i get the free coins on aqworlds please teach how get the coins if someone help me tnx for helping me

  30. Woow it work i got 1340ac per day….
    I know how to do it but im not telling you ^-^

  31. how it works!!!


  33. thats not a cheat




  37. does this work

  38. Duh, I mean, yeah. It works…

  39. thx dude this is awesome

  40. if iny one wants to add me type /goto shadow assassine in safaria’s server and add me

  41. i dont get/ so u just search somethin? expample plz

  42. i got 114 ac coins hah people

  43. this is a weird but kewl way to get the ACs but im wondering do you get 3 ACs every 30 searches or only the first thirty? but this is pretty neat so please reply

  44. sorry i just made the other comment but forgot to check the box so plz reply.

  45. i cant download so can u show me how to do it without downloading

  46. Thats really sad……after all the things ive downloaded, but not gottn my ac’s yet after 1 wekk when theres only a 15 minute delay, and IVE DOWNLOADED OVER A THOUSAND AC’S WORTH OF OFFERS AND I ONLY HAVE 93!

  47. how can you get free acs

  48. I rilly need one ples!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

  49. this is really cool. i have ac.

  50. oh man my pipiny2 got banned i hacked and got caugth but im a member so i can get it back tell me lordoc what do i do now

  51. IDK, you got your self into this mess. Why’d you hacked? i told you not to.

  52. What should i type in to get a lot of search results??
    Im only getting 1 every now and then..

  53. Omg Thanks so much

  54. Can u get hacked for doing this?

  55. It wont give me acs idk Can Someone plz helpppppppppppp

  56. wow it works

  57. Yap, it dosent work i downloaded it but nothing happen

  58. How many AC’s do you get per search?

  59. when i try to log in they said you needd cookie enabled browser can you tell me any browser of that kind…….

  60. Wow….what a bunch of losers wasting time on the battle bar. Just go to AExtras and download toolbars. After getting the ACs just delete the toolbar and wait for that same offer to appear. It’s called common sense people.
    My account:

  61. The battle is kinda kool but not enough acs

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