How To Deactivate Party Chat

Okay I was trying how to figure out how to deactivate Party Chat so I can show you guys. Once you time (/p) you will be talking to all your party, no matter what place in the same server they are they will hear you only if they are in your party. But if you get annoyed by this: party chat Than just type (/s) and you will have it normal and will continue chatting normally. Thanks Linku for the help


10 Responses

  1. no prob

  2. and i taught linku how to do it lol

  3. not really someone else but you taught me how to do party chat not un-do

  4. This was a bit old too… 😕

  5. when i try to do it it does it in party chat

    Lordoc: Yeah, Thats the point my friend…

  6. yeah and there’s a new thing when you type /me

    Lordoc: Thats not really new, thats really old way to type green thing.

  7. this is anther friend thats seen lordoc and this one is WOW!!!!!!!

  8. why are you posting character pages?

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