Moon Shop

Hey If  you login to AQWorlds there will be this “Moon Shop” 

How To Get The Items?:

1. Login to any server on AQWorlds

2. Click “Moon shop” on your screen right side.


3. Select an items you want to buy thats and thats it.

Moon Shop

6 Responses

  1. i saw lordoc im always on safiria lordoc please always go on safiria

  2. These items aren’t that cool, but there going to be really rare…

  3. ya not every day there are going to be space landing anniversary
    (i like and study space and astrology even thou i’m 8 years old)

  4. The moon head looks kind of weird
    P.s. Why is the moon shop even here?

  5. because of the 40th annivesity of neil armstrong landding on the moon!

  6. yeah the moon shop rocks but its gone

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