How To Get Black Knight Items

CREDITS TO Moglinpunter126 & Vicxyz

You need to kill 4 bosses.
one of does bosses is deathgazer. (/join Deathgazer)

Another Boss is GreenGuard Dragon located at (/join greendragon)

GreenGuard Dragon

The other monster you nee to kill is the one inside the trunk called Green Guard Basilisk, Located at (/join trunk)

GreenGuard Basilisk

The Last monster you need to kill is Gell Oh No, located at (/join well)

Do the only quest for The Back Knight at (/join Greenguardwest) 

The Back Knight

7 Responses

  1. awesome thats me

  2. ya awesome!

  3. But where are the peices of his armor(for the black knight quest)?

  4. you kill the bosses and you get a pice when u kill 1

  5. i cant get a peice from basklisc

  6. i thought u got them from the Lord of chaos (1st) i was totally wrong then, i was spending hours killing him and getting no pieces lol
    Thx, rly helped

  7. do u have to kill all FOUR bosses, or can u just keep killing 1 and get 2 of the 4 items from it? just wondering…?

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