AQW News! Vicxyz Style!

Hi guys! Vicxyz here! Today, I will post my post that I said that I was going to post yesterday!

Okay, the big major event was the teleporting of Battleon to GreenGuard Forest! Here is what Artix on the Design Notes said:

“All of the magic wielding players gathered and teleported the town of Battleon to GreenGuard forest. If you missed the event, click on the “Town Moved” button and see the awesome final cutscene! Now that Battleon is in its final location, you can walk left and right out of town to preview the surrounding area. Next week we will be adding monsters and quests to the forest… and continuing to link them to the upcoming areas! (Feels like a fresh new start for the game),

Also, there is a new house kind, it’s for members though… but really, AQW gives non-members at least 10 times more stuff then CP does. Now, here are the pictures. First the Daily Dragon!



Now, the pictures from the cutscene of the teleporting of Battleon!


Battleon is now tilting towards SwordFall…


Oh no! It’s falling :o !

…Two seconds later…


Whew! We teleported just in time :D !


Nice landing… SUCCESS :D !


Well… ummm no success for the poor bunny :|

Well, that’s it for the news for and AQW! Check out my site for the original post!

Cya Around!


5 Responses

  1. wat server do u go on and can we trade cause im lvl 20

  2. here is my char

  3. thanks that kinda helped me i was stuck a bit but thanks

  4. what server do you go on its cause i need help with somthing else you might know

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