Don’t Worry, I’m Here :D

Hello guys! My name is Vicxyz, and Lordoc was kind enough to add me to his site as an author. Hmmm… I will be posting stuff tomorrow hopefully, and sorry about the comments, there’s about 100 comments under moderation, and I can’t approve any of those comments since I’m a author, until Lordoc approves them or promotes me to Editor or something. So, count on a post tomorrow, and I’ll try and get Lordoc to approve those comments ;). I have a site, and since I can’t advertise in posts as Lordoc requested, I’ll just comment and you can click my homepage :P. Hopefully, authors are able to post pictures, so I’ll do a test picture of my usual outfit on AQW:


I guess they can :D. Yay :).

Cya Around


3 Responses

  1. Again, sorry about the comments 😐

  2. ill add you to my blogroll

  3. Thanks, I really appreciate it

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